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Join other moms in taking the Win Win Challenge. Claim a free sample to see Power & Free’s™ winning results for yourself. With less harsh chemicals* and the sparkling shine you love, it’s a win for your dishes and a win for your family.

  • Fights chemical residue 2x better than detergent alone†

  • Detergents feature a Hydrogen Peroxide action that powers away tough messes

  • Detergents contain no chlorine and use less fragrances and dyes*

  • Jet-Dry® contains less harsh chemicals vs. the regular formula

  • Mara S. Houston Tx

    “Finish Power & Free is an easy to use and quick dishwashing product that gets the job done! I no longer have to pre-rinse anything! HIGHLY recommended by this Mom!”
    Finish Powerfree Quantum 300X225
  • Sossy S. Miami, FL

    I like that there are a lot less harsh chemicals in this product making me feel more comfortable putting everything into the dishwasher and the hydrogen peroxide is an added bonus!
    Finish Powerfree Quantum 300X225
  • Good Housekeeping 1
    After a series of rigorous tests, Power & Free™ earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.
    Parrent Winner 1
    Moms just like you tested and awarded Quantum® Power & Free™with the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal.
  • “Luckily for a mom like me there’s products like Finish that help me power through my dishes so I can get on to my day”
    Our Ordinary Life
  • “We tell our kids not to eat food that has fallen on the ground, but would we allow them to eat off of a plate that has been “cleaned” with harsh chemicals? Interesting thought right?”
    Clever Housewife
  • “Finish Power and Free detergents are chock full of hydrogen peroxide action that blasts away tough food on your dishes.”
    Dear Crissy
  • “With 3 little ones in the house, I’ve been trying to be much more conscious of all the chemical exposure...So, to have great dishwashing cleaning power, but with less harsh chemicals is great!”
    Mom Endeavors
  • “This is one line of products that work as well as the previous versions, but with less chemicals that could potentially harm your family.”
    Akron Ohio Moms
  • “It features less-harsh chemical formulas without sacrificing the power of Finish results! Now I think this is a win for even the tiniest members of my family!"
    Shop With Me Mom
  • “Knowing that they are made with less harsh chemicals is also a plus since I want to make sure toxic chemicals stay far away from my home and my family.”
    She Scibes
  • "What I loved most about this formula is that it has zero chlorine bleach and less harsh chemicals than any of their other formulas."
    Child Mode
  • “The detergents (Quantum & Powerball) contain no chlorine bleach, use less fragrances and dyes versus regular Finish detergents. That’s good stuff, especially if you worry about that kind of thing. As a mom, even a hip, nonchalant mom, I do.”
  • “Despite the lack of chemicals, the clean is just the same as I’ve come to expect from Finish. I don’t rinse my dishes before I wash them, but they always come out sparkling clean and without any water spots!”
    Susie Homemaker
  • “The combination of the new Finish Power & Free detergent plus Finish Jet-Dry Power & Free honestly eliminates the gunk and water spots without me having to wipe them down separately. True story.”
    By La Jolla Mom
  • “This new formula works just like the older version except it’s now with a less harsh chemical formula!”
    Food Family Finds
  • “It makes me feel great that now my dishes will be just as clean as ever, but with less harsh chemicals!”
    Organizing Homelife
  • "I thought since they have less harsh chemicals that I might see a slight difference from other detergents. I was wrong. These work great and have less chemicals, sounds like a win win to me!"
    Bragging Mommy
  • "These powerful three chamber capsules features powerful cleaning to attack the toughest stains and still deliver the shine you’ve come to know and love with other Finish products."
    Baby Loving Mommy

Introducing our Power & Free™ family — delivering you the sparkling clean you love for your family’s dishes, but now with less harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes.*

*Vs. base Finish products