Rinse Aid - Hard Water


Rinse Aid - Hard Water


Hard Water Stain Removal

Removes white residue caused by hard water


Finish Jet Dry Hard Water Rinse Aid is protection against cloudy hard water stains. Hard water can deposit limescale onto anything inside your dishwasher. It’s most visible on your glassware, as these will appear filmy, cloudy and spotty. Since detergent can't remove the limescale, continuing to use the dishwasher will only make the problem worse. Try Finish Jet Dry Hard Water to remove cloudiness and spots caused by hard water. Jet Dry Hard Water’s powerful formula with citric extracts is released after the detergent, to remove the hard water stains that your detergent can’t. Finish Jet Dry Hard Water has 3 anti-limescale actions: rinses, dries and shines. It's protection against limescale stains vs. dishwasher detergent alone.


8.45 oz.

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