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How to clean baking trays

How to clean baking sheets in the dishwasher

Is there anything quite as satisfying as pulling a tray full of baked goods fresh from the oven? We think not. But the clean-up operation afterwards may have you questioning if it was all worth it. Thankfully, you don’t have to be scrubbing off burnt lasagna or crispy muffin bits by hand. Here’s how to clean your baking pans using your dishwasher. 

How to clean cookie sheets in the dishwasher

Cleaning cookie sheets with baked on grease can feel like a challenge, but doing it regularly will help your cookies bake perfectly, batch after batch. Simply follow a few simple steps and you can banish grubby baking sheets for good.

  1. Finish© detergents can handle most bakeware cleaning tasks with ease. But, for seriously stained cookie sheets, try to scrape off the residue as much as possible before putting it in the dishwasher.
  2. Check your cookie sheet is dishwasher safe before stacking it in the bottom rack of your dishwasher.
  3. Use a detergent like Finish® Quantum Ultimate™ to soften any baked on food and leave your cookie tray clean, smooth and ready for your next batch!

Making sure your baking tools are kept clean and grease-free will help you bake up a storm with them for years to come. So, treat them right with a dishwasher detergent that does the hard work for you.  

How to clean a glass baking dish in the dishwasher

So, you’ve just entertained a house full of guests with your famous casserole and now your favourite glass dish is looking a little worse for wear. No problem. Discover how to clean a burnt glass casserole dish using Finish® and be ready to host again in no time. 

  1. While Finish® detergents are able to power through most stubborn stains, if your casserole dish is caked with burnt on food, you may need to help it along. Try to scrape off the food as much as possible before putting it in the dishwasher
  2. Check your glass baking dish is dishwasher safe and, if so, pop it in the dishwasher on the bottom rack.
  3. Use a quality detergent like Finish® Quantum Ultimate™, which washes away residue for an amazing shine, even in the hardest water conditions.  
  4. Allow your glass baking dish to air dry before storing. 

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How to clean a muffin tin in the dishwasher

Muffin tins are a nightmare to wash by hand, so as long as yours is dishwasher safe (many silicone, glass and metal ones are), let your dishwasher do the dirty work. 

  1. Finish® detergents are great at cleaning your bakeware without any prior prep (so you won’t have to rinse them before you put them in the dishwasher). But if your muffin tray does have any serious burnt-on grease and residue, make sure you scrape it off as much as possible before putting it in the machine.
  2. Most dishwashers won’t have space to house a metal muffin tin on their top rack, so stack your tray on the bottom. But where possible you might want to place your silicone trays on the top rack – this is further away from the heat and will help to preserve your item for longer.  
  3. Use a powerful detergent like Finish® Quantum Ultimate™ to cut through grease, break down stuck-on food and deliver a perfect clean.