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Finish Gel Detergent 75 oz. Orange

Finish Liquid Gel works hard to give you deep cleaning power plus protection against glass corrosion.

Product benefits

Deep cleaning power

Fast action

Removes tough stains

Easy-to-pour gel

Frequently Asked Questions

Always make sure you place your Finish® liquid dishwasher detergent into the dispenser, usually located on the inside of the dishwasher door. Be sure to wipe up any residue that might have spilled to avoid suds escaping your machine!

When it comes to choosing dishwasher detergent, liquids vs. tabs makes a difference. Liquid detergents dissolve quickly and offer flexibility to dose as much or as little as you like. However, they often lack the cleaning power delivered by their multi-benefit solid counterparts. Tabs deliver both excellent cleaning and shine performance and are easy to dose without any risk of spillage.

Both dishwasher liquid and powder have their own unique benefits. Liquid dishwasher detergent may be your first choice because:

  • It is the most time-effective solution, as it doesn’t need time to dissolve like dishwasher powder.
  • There is less chance of spillage due to our slow pourer, as well as being easier to wipe away than granules.
  • It’s water-based, and therefore less abrasive on delicate tableware such as glasses and dishes.

Your liquid dishwashing detergent should be stored in a dry environment and, like all cleaning products, out of the reach of children. If you’re looking for a dishwashing detergent that is quick, easy to use, and suitable for fragile glasses and dishes, then our liquid dishwashing detergent could be the one for you.


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